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Around 40,000 water permits and concessions were granted for special water use in 2016.

This indicator shows the number of permits that granted water withdrawal rights up to the end of 2013 by type of water use.

Preservation and regulation of water quantities, promotion of sustainable use of water and long-term protection of available water resources and their quality are the fundamental goals of water management. In order to enable the meeting of these goals, the legislation specifies that for each special use of water (public assets of inland water, marine water and sediment), a permit that is subject to payment must be obtained. Water fees are paid according to actual consumption.

A permit granting the right to withdraw water for all irreversible forms of water use (drinking water supply, irrigation, beverage production, etc.) also defines the maximum annual withdrawal of water; with regard to reversible forms of water use (hydroelectric power plants, heat generation), the permit mainly defines the planned or installed current withdrawal capacity (l /s) or water area (in m2). Water rights are also required for the removal of sediment.


Figure VD14-1: The number of licences granting a right to use water from water intake (water permits and concessions) by type of use

The Water Book, Slovenian Water Agency, 2016

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2014 2016
Consumers own drinking water supply number 20675 20566
Public drinking water supply number 2052 2114
Technological use number 532 706
Watering etc. number 11616 11669
Irrigation number 688 1041
Heat generation number 1132 1629
Small hydropower plants number 536 585
Other number 667 809
Figure VD14-2: The licences granting a right to use water (water permits and concessions) by type of use in 2016

The Water Book, Slovenian Water Agency 2016